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One animal, one flower group B, one scorpion glasses

Please refer to the photo of flower list and comment your choice of flowers Group B

If the bundle is for any occasions (birthday, graduation, anniversary), please comment the occasion hat/ accessories for the animal flowers.


🌸 Delightfully Different - Crochet Bouquets! 🌸

Perfect for any occasion - a first date, birthday, graduation, or anniversary - our crochet flowers are a vibrant and thoughtful alternative to traditional bouquets. Crafted with care and high-quality yarn, they offer a soft touch and a burst of vivid hues that leave a lasting impression.

Whether it's a summer birthday with a beautiful sunflower, a romantic date with a soft pink rose, or a graduation with a bunch of vibrant tulips, our crochet flowers add that extra touch of special to every moment.

Order one of our crochet bouquets today and create everlasting memories. Let's bring color into your life, one crochet flower at a time. 🌼🌼


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